Hybrid Art Fair 2022

EX-MKH-Con Alma

ROOM 110

Hotel Petit Palace Sante Brbara, Madrid



SCRIPT Ellen Rodenberg

Meet the actors

Bed installation: Maarten Schepers

Dividido: Kees Koomen

Madrid Diary, day 4: Kees Koomen

HM2 Maarten Schepers

Jellyblue 2022 Plaster/steel/paint/epoxy Maarten Schepers










EX-MKH - process

Intention and plans

EX-MKH creates exhibitions departing from the work of three artists: Ellen Rodenberg, Maarten Schepers and Kees koomen. For the Hybrid Art Fair the concept developed as follows:

Maarten Schepers thinks of the hotel room as a stage for performing. The act of arriving, freshening up, arranging the luggage is always different because of personal items and behaviour, but it is also the same play that repeats itself continually. The room is also left in different ways, depending on the person who made use of it. Maarten has ideas about installing elements that make the visitor aware of the theatrical element in the use of the room.

Ellen Rodenberg interprets the hotel room as a temporary safe haven for travellers. They come and they go, but the room is restored to the same situation every time a traveller leaves. The mechanism by which the hotel room performs its duty interests Ellen: the erasing traces of travellers, the cleaning up and restoring the facilities. She thinks about making an intervention in the room.

Kees Koomen would like to see the hotel room as a temporary safe-haven, a place like home or the studio, but not permanent. It is a location for separation from the manifold impressions in the outside world, strange as it may seem when we travel. It is also a place for reflection, reflection on the adventures we have outside. As artists we process these experiences in our work.
My work comes from my diaries, written diaries, sketchbooks, photographs etc. My intention in the room at the Hybrid Art Fair would be to make work about my stay in Madrid based on notes in my little diary. It can be text, performing text, drawings or video, to be shown individually to visitors.

As a whole we are artists who show in a hotel room. We get visitors in the hotel room to see our work. In the contemporary art world this interaction is also a bit of a piece of theatre that develops itself around the work we show. So apart from the element of theatre in the use of the room by travellers, there is also the specific play that evolves between the artist and the visitor and between the artist and the room. This all seems like an exciting idea to the members of EX-MKH to work on!




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