Impression of the project:


KRAATZ is an international artist collective

KRAATZ presents Idioliths at EP7 Paris

 As part of this project EX-MÊKH was invited to present their video ‘Stage Arousal’

The video was on display on the façade of the building EP7









The exhibition on the facade of EP7 Paris (with invited artists EX-MÊKH and Sabine Bürger) is accompanied by a weekend of performances, workshops, and an official curatorial ceremony around the opening.


According to a dictionary not yet written, an idiolith is a short—sometimes very short—film illustrating a compound word, phrase, or saying that includes a lithic element (such as, in English, “stone” or “rock”).

For EP7, artists’ collective KRAATZ has reimagined an anthology of its simple films as an architectural installation. 


Episode 4: Les Idiolithes runs continuously on EP7’s huge screens from September 3-16.

Two days of performances, workshops, and ceremonies has been organized around the opening of the exhibition on Friday September 3. For the full program: scroll down.


KRAATZ is: Louise Crawford, Yorgos Dimitriadis, Stéphan Guéneau, Forbes Morlock, Isolde Nagel and Marian Wijnvoord. The members of KRAATZ share a desire to spur on their own work, to collaborate on each other’s work, and to engage in collective work.


KRAATZ: www.kraatzonline.wordpress.com

About Idioliths: https://kraatzonline.wordpress.com/episode-3-idioliths-2/

EP7: www.ep7.paris

KRAATZ invites: Dutch artist collective Ex Mêkhhttp://www.ex-mekh.nl

and visual artist Sabine Bürgerhttp://www.sabine-buerger.de


EX-MÊKH is: Kees Koomen, Ellen Rodenberg, Maarten Schepers


Friday September 3 2021

Programme (all events @ EP7)

19H              Conversation with a Stone about Freud’s Correspondence about Stones

                    University professor Forbes Morlock discusses Freud’s journeys to the Dolomites, the Harz Mountains, Rome and Athens with the star of Les Idiolithes





1930H           Sounding the Stone

Experimental musician Yorgos Dimitriadis uses percussion, microphones and electronics to find the stone’s groove






Saturday September 4 2021


Cérémonie de la remise officielle du monolithe

The formal return by KRAATZ of the stone at the centre of the Les Idiolithes installation to the Dutch artists’ group EX-MÊKH.


The Weight and Brief Encounters

Two performances by EX-MÊKH’s Kees Koomen, the first with the newly returned stone and the second mixing the myth of Sisyphus with the artist’s experiences in France this summer.  



Arousal - the Workshop


An interactive performance by Ellen Rodenberg, introducing the group’s intervention @ EP7













The works after participation










Context and subject of the project:



EX-MÊKH was invited by the international kraatz_collective to show work on the 12 screen facade of EP7 in Paris.

Alongside the screening there where performances during the weekend of 3 an 4th of september.

In which the main figure is; A Stone.


'The Reason why' is the title for an earlier collaboration between @kraatz_collective and #exmekh. During Platforms Project in Athens in May 2021, Kraatz was showing the video Idioliths online at the booth of EX-MÊKH.

The stone as subject and object in there video, was the link with EX-MÊKH. The stone was used by EX-MÊKH’s Kees Koomen in his performance in Berlin.

After the installation and performances the work #FeMaler_u7_berlin from Ellen Rodenberg, Maarten Schepers and Kees koomen was on show for a month.

Because of the lockdown in the autumn in Berlin we coudn't collect the work. The stone and other work stayed in Berlin.

In februari during the lockdown in NL EX-MÊKH made the video Stage Arousal for the @Platformsproject NET in Athens. We invited Kraatz and @atrans with the question to make a connection.

The first meeting with Kraatz was on invitation by ATRANS in 2019. During a weekend with performances in Der Haus der Statistik in Berlin Kraatz and Ex-mekh performed in a small room with a Vitrine.











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