Painting 2023-1


Oh, No Plan, So …



The body moves a dress (the dress directs the body)

(series: Oh no plan, so…) (series: And the title walked out)

2006 2023

170x130cm Oil on linen

#paintings should be seen in the flesh







In de jurk

In the dress

Olieverf op linnen









 The process undressed

#Processingthemotherboard  (on insta)



The frame + the painting half undressed



The shards, the layers of paint from 2006



The back of the extracted dress – the front: Dress design, the banner











Simultaneity (Star from the past)

(From the series: And the title walked out)

Oil on Linen







De poppenspeler speelt met vuur. (Dress-in dress-out)

(From the series: And the title walked out)


The puppeteer plays with fire.

Oil on Linen


2006 2022 2023









And the title walked out

(From the series: And the title walked out)

2006 2021

Polyptych 12 parts

Oil on canvas




Story about the origin of most of these paintings on this page:

These are canvases that fitted into plans and concepts

But then hung around idly in the studio. I put them to work again.

I let what I found on the canvases determine how we would move forward together.



Dit zijn schilderijen die in plannen hebben gepast maar die daarna werkeloos in het atelier rondhingen.

Ik heb ze opnieuw aan het werk gezet. Dat wat ik aantrof op de doeken liet ik bepalend zijn voor hoe we samen verder zouden gaan.