2021 (fragment 2 )Stage Arousal (2) EX-MKH EP7 Paris

2021 (fragment 1 )Stage Arousal (2) EX-MKH EP7 Paris


2021 Stage Arousal, The reason Why EX-MKH Platforms Project NET Athens


2021 Kids lab, Art All Together, Platforms Project NET 2021 Athens


2021 Studio life and How we met.. (EX-MKH, teaser Platforms Project NET 2021)


2020 The Consequences (EX-MKH, Cquence, Platforms Project NET 2020)


2020 Kids lab Platforms project NET 2020


2016 Water Act, Delphi, Gr.


2014 We do know what we want, dont we?


2013 Objectief Groen


2010 Soms


2010 APK keuring by Jan Borgers, visuals by Ellen Rodenberg


2010 Soms, The Wall, Sound: Jan Borgers, Visuals Ellen Rodenberg, Project: Zo Reddy in the Filmhuis, The Hague, The Netherlands