Ellen Rodenberg


Painting, Drawing, …


2023-1             (here)              PAINTING ‘Oh, No Plan, So …’


2023-2             (here)              PAINTING Script, Characters


2023-3             (here)              PAINTING Scene Seen in a Landscape


2023-4             (here)              PAINTING Portrait seen in a landscape


2023-5             (here)              PAINTING It is Gone, It is Here


2023 d             (here)              DRAWING from Intuition, Doubt and Improvisation


2023 dw           (here)              DRAWING/ Writing in sketch books 2020-2023


2022 2023        (here)              Script


2021-3             (here)              Painting (Presenting Characters) 2021 2022 2023


2021-1             (here)              Painting on (stone)paper


2021-2             (here)               ‘And the Title walked out


2021-4             (here)              Painting (2008- …)


2020                (here)              Painting ‘About_the_Key


2018                (here)              Tools as Paintings, Paintings as Tools


2012 2014        (here)              Malieveld One hour Actions of Making, Presenting, Documenting


2001 2013        (here)              Painting process and a second life


1993 2000        (here)              Painting





(here) FeMaler, Atrans, Berlin, D, 2020


(here) As if, Galerie Lutz, Delft, NL 2020


(here) Tools Out of Order, Ex-Mêkh, Augentausch, A TRANS, Berlin 2015


(here) Tools out of control EDGED Ruimtevaart, Duo expo with Pietertje van Splunter 2015


(here) Imagine, Landing Soon#7, Cemeti Art House, Yogyakarta, Indonesia, 2008


(here) PolyPorte / PowerPlace, Gallery Lutz, Kunst Rai, Art Fair Amsterdam, NL 2005


(here) Immune system of 13+1 solo exhibition, Gallery Lutz, Delft, NL 2004


(here) The total and individual, solo, Gallery Lutz, Kunst-Rai, Amsterdam 1999





With EX-MÊKH artist collective


(here) Wormhole, Platforms Project, Athens, Greece 2022


(here) Con Alma, Hotel room 110, Hybrid Art Fair, Madrid 2022


(here) Stage Arousal, EP7 Paris, France 2021


(here) Probe, A TRANS, Kraatz, Berlin, Germany 2019 


(here) Augentausch A TRANS Berlin, Germany, 2015 



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